We are Australia’s leading Chiropractic tertiary teaching and research institution, offering a complete suite of undergraduate, postgraduate and research studies in Chiropractic Science. Our Chiropractic programs are fully accredited and internationally recognised, offering a pathway into professional practice in the field of Chiropractic. Since 1994 we have trained thousands of professionals now working in the industry here in Australia and worldwide. See below for more information on our robust and internationally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.

The Chiropractic department operates three successful and busy chiropractic clinics in Sydney, located at Macquarie Park, Eastwood and Summer Hill. Here members of the public can come along to receive expert chiropractic care and treatment from our final year Masters of Chiropractic students, under the watchful eye of a fully-trained professional Chiropractor. Please see below for booking a visit to one of our clinics.

The Department of Chiropractic is an active and leading participant in the Chiropractic industry, with significant research being undertaken on all aspects of the profession by our active academic staff, researchers and alumni.